About Taylors Eye Witness

On 1st June 2007 Harrison Fisher & Co Ltd changed itís name to Taylors Eye Witness Limited. The name makes life much simpler for customers, suppliers and ourselves as we focus on the development of the Taylors Eye Witness brand - high quality well designed products from the cutting edge experts.
Taylors Eye Witness was founded by John Taylor in the early years of the 19th Century. "Eye Witness" Trade mark was first registered in 1838 - the inspiration for the choice of "Eye Witness" as a trade mark is believed to be Shakespeare's line in Henry 1V - "No eye hath seen better". Further history can be found at Wikipedia website.
Taylors Eye Witness
have stood the test of time through an unrelenting dedication to quality, service and good old fashioned technical know-how in the design and production of kitchen knives.
Taylors Eye Witness Factory There are some good pictures of a Taylors Eye Witness factory tour on British Blades forum.
This picture shows the outside of the factory, and although the interior of the factory has changed with new working practices and modern machines, the exterior of the building has changed very little over the past 160 years. Click here to see a pictures of the works as it was then and further pictures (6x12k) showing the working practices of yesteryear.

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