New Products from Taylors Eye Witness 

2010/ 2011 saw the launch of
Coloured series of knives
Different shaped knife blocks

2 stage Sabatier Knife Sharpener
Please contact us for more information on any of above.

Coloured Knives - selection shown below

5 Non Stick Coated Kitchen Knives in Acrylic block, details shown below,
and two 3 piece kitchen sets.

Dishwasher safe


5 different sized knives
Chef's knife 7.5"/19cm
Bread Knife 7.5"/19cm
Carving Knife 7.5"/19cm
All Purpose Knife 5"/13cm
Paring Knife 3.5"/9cm

Santoku Knives

All Dishwasher safe

Coloured Steak Knives

6 sharp Steak Knives with soft grip coloured handles. Also great for chopping ripe tomatoes, plums etc. Size:4"/10cm


Dishwasher safe

Example of one of the new Knife Blocks
Oak Knife Block Made from solid oak with stylish, tactile shaping to the body.
Examples of other knife storage solutions.
2 Stage Sabatier Knife Sharpener
Sabatier 2 stage Knife Sharpener The sharpener uses preset tungsten blades and crossed ceramic stones to resharpen the blade of a knife back to razor sharpness. Can be used on either straight or serrated edges. It is ergonomically designed with soft grip handle and non-slip base. Available from mid May 2010.
We have various knife sharpening solutions
Kai Knives
Kai Knife - Shun Taylors Eye Witness is now the UK distributor for Kai Knives. These beautiful knives can be purchased from all good cook shops including The Richmond Cook Shop.

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